Foresight’s Services

Offering a wide range of services to grow and sustain your business.

Foresight for IT believes in offering proactive IT services that set your company up for success, allowing you to grow with adaptive technology that scales along with you. You can rely on our proactive services to keep your business always working at its best.

wide range of services to grow and sustain your business
Services We Offer

IT services to grow and scale your business.

No matter what your IT service needs might be, Foresight for IT has you covered. Whether it’s implementing and setting up IT systems, monitoring data security, or ensuring that you’re protected from data loss, there’s nothing we can’t do to help you grow your business.

Business Continuity

Your business must have a disaster recovery plan in order to survive. Foresight for IT has your back with business continuity services that offer up-to-date and accurate data restoration in the event of a data loss disaster.

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Cloud and Server Hosting

Data is one of the most important tools your business has at its disposal, making secure and reliable storage a must-have. Foresight for IT offers Edmonton businesses cloud and server hosting that cuts overhead costs and keeps your data secure and safe from data loss.

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Cyber Security

After years utilizing security tools inside some the most complex environments in the world, we’ve adopted the definitive cyber security solution: powerful enough to protect entire countries yet tailored for small and medium businesses like yours.

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IT Support

Responsive 24/7 managed IT support that protects you from costly downtime and ensures that your business operates seamlessly. Our proactive approach to IT support lowers overhead costs and saves your business from service outages and data loss.

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Network and Telecommunications

Modern businesses deserve modern business telecommunications to get the job done. Foresight for IT offers business telecommunications setup and support that gives your team access to powerful integrations and on-the-go capabilities that increase workplace productivity and efficiency.

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Planning & Compliance

Foresight for IT provides Edmonton businesses with proactive IT planning and compliance services. Comprehensive IT planning, auditing, and project management works to ensure that your infrastructure and processes are working as intended.

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