Cyber Security

The most sophisticated cyber threat monitoring on the planet, made simple.

After years utilizing security tools inside some the most complex environments in the world, we’ve adopted the definitive cyber security solution: powerful enough to protect entire countries yet tailored for small and medium businesses like yours.

Cyber Security

Managed Cyber Security

Access best-in-class technology and cyber security analysts with a turnkey solution.

Managed Services from Foresight mean that you are putting the health and security of your network first. We monitor your system for threats, and importantly – we use Covalence to help identify things you can do to minimize the attackable parts of your network. As a Managed Services client, you have priority access to additional premium services. These include forensic services following an incident, custom sensor configuration as well as the access to our concierge to ask cyber security questions, related to our service or not.

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Incident Response Services

Suspect a cyber attack? Our forensics team will quickly conduct a thorough investigation, root cause analysis, and remediation.

No one wants to experience a cyber attack. The unfortunate reality is a breach can happen to any organization — big or small — and both the attacks and outcomes vary from incident to incident. It may involve stolen intellectual property, financial-related crime, a denial of service, unauthorized systems access, and so much more. In the event of a cyber incident, we’ve got your back. Our team is here to respond quickly and precisely, ensuring that your business keeps running and that the risk of any future damage has been neutralized.

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Software & System Testing

Use our Noble testing system to improve your company’s testing automation and save time and money.

Noble is a product of the DevOps culture which shortens the software development cycle through automation and monitoring at every phase of the process. DevOps is inspired by the writings of Kent Beck – a key influence of the Agile movement whose work includes eXtreme Programming and Test Driven Development. DevOps requires powerful tools and rigorous testing habits to be effective, and Noble is a key enabler for software modeling, testing and automation.

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Secure IT Operations

Improve your network health and hygiene, understand its behavior: improve your security and strengthen business operations.

Cyber security is as much about the health and hygiene of your network as it is about identifying and neutralizing the latest threats. Understanding your network not only helps improve your day-to-day operations, it strengthens your security. Identifying an anomalous device or behaviour is of value to your bottom line whether it helps streamline operations, or remove a security threat.

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Simulation & Training Environments

Quickly and reliably design, build and tear down complex environments inside our powerful simulation platform.

No matter how sophisticated or how simple your security requirements may be, you can quickly and reliably design, build and tear down even the most complex environments inside our powerful simulation platform.

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Virtual CISO Service

Build a strong, resilient security foundation with ‘always-on’ CISO support.

Put decades of cyber security experience to work for your business and build a strong, resilient security foundation with ‘always-on' CISO support. Our vCISO service provides top CISOs and cyber analysts, with expertise across a range of public and private industries, available on-request or long-term to support your needs.

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