July 25, 2022

Why is Phishing Becoming More Frequent?

Your organization can take several steps at the individual level and beyond to keep safe from phishing scams.

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Every day, there seems to be a new phishing scam attempting to gain access to your data. It can feel like a constant attack with nefarious links and carefully concocted stories urging you to enter your personal information.


But even though phishing attacks are still becoming more frequent, there are specific reasons why it’s happening. With this knowledge, you can fortify your defences to protect yourself and your organization from risk.


1.    Hybrid/Remote Workforce


Remote and hybrid work is still so new to many companies, and the learning curve that comes with this new work setup can create the perfect weakness for phishing scams. Secure networks are default in the office, but employees working from anywhere and potentially on their own devices are exceedingly vulnerable to attacks.


Organizations need to implement training on how employees can protect themselves and company data from falling into the wrong hands.


2.    Sophisticated Cybercriminals


Cybercriminals treat their craft as an art and are constantly striving to discover the latest and greatest ways to poke holes in security and exploit them. Once you’ve developed a defence strategy, they’re on to a different phishing scheme.


As technology changes and we work more and more collaboratively online, we’re growing more vulnerable in unique ways that cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of.


3.    Organizational Lapses in Security


Even the most technologically aware organization can get a bit lax in their diligence towards cybercriminals. When the day-to-day functions of the company overtake cybersecurity, lapses can happen.


Regular training can help keep a company’s workforce up to date on the basics and the policies and procedures in place should a breach occur.



How Can You Reduce Phishing Scams?


Your organization can take several steps at the individual level and beyond to keep safe from phishing scams.


  • Keep vital data reinforced and extra-protected.
  • Create more robust password policies and make two-factor authentication mandatory.
  • Use automated phishing detection and firewalls.
  • Keep current with security awareness and training on dealing with cyber threats.


You can empower your teams to take the steps to protect themselves and the whole organization by giving them set expectations and helping implement them. Revving up your security can go a long way in ensuring your organization is safe from phishing scams.


Bottom Line


You need to focus on maintaining the company’s operation. Spending time dealing with security threats as they happen can be time-consuming and take you away from other work.


One of the best ways to focus on security without cutting into your work is to outsource your network services. Experts are best equipped to prepare you and your data for potential disasters while strengthening your position to stop them from happening.


At Foresight for IT, we offer services that will suit your needs and protect your data with modern tech infrastructure that’s stronger than ever. Contact us to build the best package of services for your company.


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