May 22, 2022

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment can lower the chance of significant incidents and save you a lot of time and headaches that can negatively impact your business.

Risk Assessments - Edmonton IT Company

Regardless of your industry, you’re always looking for ways to keep your business safe from threats. Conducting a risk assessment for your IT can help you anticipate any weak spots and mitigate risk.

A risk assessment can lower the chance of significant incidents and save you a lot of time and headaches that can negatively impact your business.

What is a Risk Assessment?

Risk assessments methodically focus on vulnerabilities in your data, networks, hardware, software, and more to identify security gaps and repair them.

Therefore, you should organize a risk assessment every so often to discover how your company’s risks are changing over time.

What Can a Risk Assessment Discover?

There are a vast number of variables that risk assessments cover to identify problems you can fix. Some of these include:

  • Insufficient encryption
  • Weak passwords
  • Insecure remote access
  • Vulnerable systems that don’t protect sensitive data
  • Outdated protections
  • And more!

A risk assessment can also identify phishing vulnerabilities and guide future training on phishing scams.

How to Conduct a Risk Assessment

Risk assessments carefully identify information, threats, and vulnerabilities to determine the likelihood that an incident can happen and what kind of impact an incident can have. A proper assessment will prioritize securing information.

Why Conduct a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment may seem like a massive undertaking for a little tangible benefit, but it’s not a process you should ever skip.

Cost Saving

For small and medium-sized businesses, risk assessments can be the difference between safe and secure tech infrastructure and a complete data disaster. Therefore, you should invest upfront to save on disaster recovery costs later.

Boost Productivity

Instead of reacting to issues, a risk assessment can help you take proactive steps to secure your information. Responding to IT problems drains time away from tasks you and your staff need to be doing. A big enough breach can shut your operations down for days.

Keeping Communication Open

If everyone is on the same page about what practices they need to follow to protect themselves and the business. With hybrid workspaces and work from home employees, communication can break down quickly. Regular risk assessments can inform everyone about current vulnerabilities and protocols.

Are Risk Assessments Complicated?

Although the procedures of risk assessments can be daunting and overwhelming, they don’t have to consume all your time and energy. By outsourcing your risk assessment and IT management to Foresight for IT, our experienced team will take the reins and develop an actionable roadmap for you and your employees to follow.

To learn how to secure your information and about managed IT services and support, contact Foresight for IT and discover our services.

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