March 4, 2021

Lost Phone Phishing Scams

When you lose your smart phone, you can feel desperate for its safe return.

Lost Movile Phone

Not only is it an expensive piece of hardware, but it’s the essential tool that connects you to your online life. But perhaps most importantly it’s the device that logs you into countless accounts, allows you to purchase items online and may be even access your online banking.

Losing a phone isn’t just an inconvenience it can be a potential steppingstone for having your identity stollen. So, the good news is that modern devices like an iPhone come with powerful security features that can not only lock out unauthorized users, but also help you remotely wipe your data or even reunite you with your lost device.

However, these features are how scammers are taking advantage of lost devices. Shortly after finding a lost device, scammers will reach out to the email that relates to the device. This email will look like it’s from a trusted source such as Apple or Google, and state that the device has been found. In the email there will be a link to see the location where the phone was found, but the link is fake and doesn’t take you to Apple or Google, but to a phishing website.

A phishing website will ask you to log in with your credentials, once signed in the scammer has your password and can use it to get into other accounts with the same password. Scammers continue to get more sophisticated in their attempts to make the most money out of a device that has been lost or stollen from you.

Make sure your phone has a start-up password, always use different strong passwords for all accounts, enable Two-Factor Authentication and be very careful where you enter your credentials. Remember to check the source of the email and check the links contained within the email before letting them redirect you.

Being diligent is the best way to prevent scammers from making you their next victim.


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