April 1, 2021

Improving Your Digital Health

Our body is our temple, so personal health is an important quality to focus on. As we set goals to create a healthier version of ourselves, we all could stand to improve our digital health too.

Improving Your Digital Health

Here are some simple ways we can improve our digital health.

Anti-Virus Protection

Just as our bodies need strong antibodies to fend off bacteria and viruses, our devices need the same. Anti-virus and anti-malware solutions are a must for all devices. While IT is handling these protections on work devices, it is critical to incorporate similar protections on our personal devices as well. Make sure anti-virus protections are turned on and functioning properly. Many of the solutions that a device comes with initially are just a trial. After that trial ends, the device may be vulnerable, if the subscription is not renewed or another product is installed

Critical Updates

As we use our varying devices throughout the day, there is no doubt that we see constant notifications for system updates for the internet browser, software application, or for the device itself. Although their frequency may seem annoying, in most cases, they serve an important purpose; to keep you safe. Consider these updates like taking our vitamins and medications to help support our antibodies and defence mechanisms. Without these critical updates, even the strongest anti-virus software maybe ineffective.

Understanding the Warning Signs

We know when our bodies aren’t feeling well. Subtle cues like feeling tired or having a fever can be enough to know our body is fighting off an intruder. We must recognize the similar behaviour when displayed by our devices. Watch for signs like slow device performance, an increase in pop-up advertisements and frequent system crashes. This odd behaviour could be the sign of a virus, malware, or spyware.

Continuous Check-ups

To help stay on-top of our personal health, regular visits to our friendly physicians are a must. While we don’t need to schedule an annual PC checkup, we can take certain proactive steps. Continue to monitor anti-virus solutions and ensure that all critical system updates are applied.

So, as we continue to improve our personal health habits, keep your digital health in focus as well. Ensure devices are properly updated and secured with anti-virus protections. Know the cautionary signs from your device and continue to monitor for issues.

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