Secure IT Operations

Understand your Network. Build Resilience. Improve your Operations.

Cyber security is as much about the health and hygiene of your network as it is about identifying and neutralizing the latest threats. Understanding your network not only helps improve your day-to-day operations, it strengthens your security. Identifying an anomalous device or behaviour is of value to your bottom line whether it helps streamline operations, or remove a security threat. Foresight’s product portfolio helps you to develop a cornerstone of modern cyber security: situational awareness. Cyber Situational Awareness means that you know your network, the threats to your network, and what to do in response to those threats.


Improve your network health and hygiene, understand its behaviour

Foresight’s solutions allow you to see your enterprise IT ecosystem like never before with continuous monitoring and analysis of network and endpoint-derived data; rehearse and practice attack and defence scenarios on replicas of your network; and even test software you are deploying on your network.

Know Your Network

  • To secure your network and run it as effectively as possible, you have to know it inside and out.
  • You need to know that the network is configured and operating as expected, identify anomalies that may weaken your network security, and identify unauthorized activity that may be affecting your network.
  • From ghost infrastructure identification to using machine learning to identify suspected malware installations, we have you covered.
Know The Threats To Your Network

  • Not all threats are created equal. Some are mere nuisances, while others can be devastating.
  • Let us show you how to arm yourself against any cyber attack and engineer the necessary defences into your systems and processes before you’re affected.
  • Enjoy a whole new level of insight into your systems and your network’s operations.
Know What To Do In Response To Those Threats

  • Identify the most effective and cost-efficient tools and techniques to reduce your threat surface exposure.
  • Understand your network and how threat actors are affecting it (today and into the future).
  • Implement protective measures that make your network more resilient to all types of hazard track your progress against important frameworks such as ASD’s Essential 8 Maturity Model.
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