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Managed IT Services

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Downtime caused by technology is more than just an inconvenience. It represents a real loss to your company in productivity, customer service, and revenue. With a traditional break/fix service contract, your IT department or consultant depends on problems to keep them in business. That model sounds backward to us and doesn’t hold service providers accountable to fix and prevent issues.

Engaging a trusted partner to ensure that your IT functions are proactively and professionally managed on a continual basis is at the root of our managed IT services. Our Managed IT Services model is built around a flat per user fee and providing routine and proactive management of IT systems to keep your computers, mobile devices, servers and networks running, while giving you access to on-demand support as required. It minimizes your IT from breaking, eliminates costly computer repair bills, and possible service outages or data losses.

Foresight for IT offers customized IT support plans for maintenance and monitoring of your network systems for a monthly fee based on the number of users in your organization. Our managed IT model allows you to protect your business and help forecast your information technology costs.

IT can be easy. Here are a few reasons to invest in our Managed IT Services:

  • Cut overhead costs & increase budget predictability
  • Hassle free computing and networking
  • Increase productivity
  • Bundle your IT support for hardware, software, networks and servers
  • Leverage our purchasing power for hardware, software and servers
  • Minimize downtime through proactive maintenance
  • Flat per user billing structure means your IT service is accountable, easier to budget and adds value to your organization with no surprises

Looking to make IT easy again?

Contact us for a free per-user estimate and start managing your IT process today. 

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