May 31, 2021

What Is The Cloud?

We’ve all heard the term, “the cloud”, but what does it truly mean?

What Is The Cloud?

More and more of our data is being kept in the cloud, whether we know it or not, so it’s important to know where that data is, and if it is safe.

The simplest definition of “the cloud” is a global network of computer servers that store files and information that can be accessed remotely from anywhere.  As consumers, many of us use some form of cloud services where our personal data may reside. This could be in the form of a cloud backup of files and photos on computers or phones, a social media application, streaming services, or many popular email services.

Some of the benefits for consumers using these cloud services include the ability to free up space on devices, and the convenience of accessing these services from anywhere. But with this convenience comes some concerns about how this data is being protected and the privacy of the data. Although there are instances of data breaches and hijacking of user’s cloud accounts, the cloud should be a relatively secure location. Most cloud service providers take extreme precautions to protect the data in their possession, however, they are only responsible for their security and not ours. This is why password security and multi-factor authentication methods are so important to keep cybercriminals at bay.

If privacy is your top concern, you may want o to avoid saving your sensitive files on the cloud. An alternative option is to use a physical hard drive, but just make sure the hard drive is encrypted and is disconnected from your main computer until in use.

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