February 20, 2022

Top 3 Ways to Clean Up Your Computer Cord Mess

Under your desk, there are upwards of a handful of cords that we all like to ignore.

Top 3 Ways to Clean Up Your Computer Cord Mess

Out of sight, out of mind – our computer cords, phone charging cables, printer plugs, and power bars are a tangled heap where we ignore them. In our day-to-day, they rarely bother us. It’s ugly to look at, but it doesn’t cause us any harm until we try to fix a problem and don’t know where the jumbled cords lead.

Below are some methods to keep your tech cables clear so you can focus on the important details of your work.

How Do I Keep My Power Cords Tidy?

Under Desk Cable Tray

Mounted trays beneath your desk keep everything tucked away in one place. Since your cords run right from the back of your computer to the tray, you don’t have to deal with an eyesore of cables.

Cable Management Boxes

Boxes are popular places to organize cords because they’re compact and simple. As they become more common, they vary in style and taste, so it becomes a piece of office decoration with a purpose. Typically, these boxes have slots where the adapters come through and hide the length of the cord, so nothing is in sight.

Cable Sleeves

If you have similar cords running to and from the same place – like the back of your desktop monitor – you can get a cable sleeve that will turn your cords into one wrapped line to your outlet. They don’t hide the cords entirely, but they streamline them and prevent tangles and headaches.

Why Should You Keep Your Power Cords Tidy?

Organizing your cords isn’t all about the aesthetic appeal – untangling your cords to find the one you need can be time-wasting. Not to mention, when your cables are in a proper place, they’re less likely to gather dust, leading to an overall cleaner office space.

If you’re having trouble deciding where to organize which cables, think of grouping things that go together, so that if there is a targeted problem, all the cords you need will be easily accessible.

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