August 8, 2018

Aimsio – An IT Tool for Construction Project Management

Working in the field is challenging, with some of the most common problems being the management of projects, equipment, and crews.

Aimsio – An IT Tool for Construction Project Management

IT can help with real-time communication to organize crews, equipment and ensure safety and compliance measures are taken seriously and recorded for auditing. Aimsio is an IT tool for construction projects which solves these challenges by providing an all-in-one solution letting field operations managers effectively take control.

Aimsio was Created as an IT Tool for Construction Businesses

An all-in-one management solution that has been custom tailored to the unique needs and processes of your business can make all the difference in your field operations. It can help run your business more efficiently than ever before. Aimsio was created as a solution for the business owner who didn’t have a handle on how much money he was making or losing every month.

Once the solution was complete, he was able to see precisely what was incoming, what was outgoing, and what the problem areas were in his business – just logging on to one cloud-based platform. Aimsio is unique in the marketplace because it was built specifically around the real-world pain points of construction businesses. It isn’t a solution made for other industry sectors that will feel like a square peg in a round hole when it comes time to put it to practical use.

With Aimsio, field operations managers can say goodbye to time-consuming and disorganized paper tickets and Excel spreadsheets. Aimsio gives the power to manage operations in one centralized application and frees up your company’s billable field time. Aimsio provides users a vast array of useful features for field operations in any industry, with forms designed to look and feel identical to the paper forms accustomed to seeing.

Make Your Field Operations More Efficient and Profitable

Aimsio makes your field operations management a breeze, giving users a wide variety of tools and features that have been customized for their needs. Aimsio creates a virtual link between the field and the office to increase workplace efficiency by allowing management to easily communicate with field operations. This gives them a better insight into what their crews are doing through real-time project updates, consistently filed forms, and most importantly, reduced project administration.

Aimsio also brings time savings to your company. It lets you dispatch and track crews and equipment in real time, instantly file digital forms, and it makes audits a breeze. All of its features are meant to get the most value out of your billable hours by accurately measuring crew performance on the field at the end of every day that will help operations managers increase the efficiency of your field operations and ultimately the profitability of your business.

Some of the features that will help your company to increase efficiency and profitability include:

  • resource dispatching to plan, manage, and dispatch crews and equipment to specific projects
  • job order and workflow for the completion of electronic field tickets, purchase orders and forms
  • compliance and safety tools that help you to keep track of employee safety and compliance records
  • real-time KPI reporting to help avoid costly delays and cost overruns
  • offline data collection for use in remote areas
  • location tracking to allow users to visualize where operations are taking place

Mobile Device Management Services Offered by Foresight for IT

Aimsio is currently available for use on Apple (iOS) devices, with the team at Foresight for IT expertly handling the company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM). In this fast-paced world, employees often don’t have the time to navigate through the often complicated and time-consuming process of setting up and configuring devices to suit their workplace application needs – this is where Foresight for IT comes in.

Our team of experienced MDM professionals will take care of workplace Apple and Android device setup, management, deployment, monitoring, and security for your company’s devices. We free up employees for more important workplace duties and ensure all company devices are secure and standardized. Foresight for IT also handles setup and recovery after the loss of a device.

For more information about Aimsio and the MDM services offered by Foresight for IT, including Mobile Device Management, IT support, and security services, contact us today.

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